Cubic Zirconia Stones

          Our company has varieties of products with good quality and different sizes (from 1.00 mm to 100mm). Furthermore, we can also design and produce gemstone and beads according to clients' requirements and designs. Competitive price and steady supply are always to meet our customer's great satisfaction.

          Cubic zirconia (CZ) has been the most popular diamond alternative for years. Before the advent of superior and more durable man made diamond coatings and cultured diamonds, Cubic zirconia was the most common consumer choice for a more affordable diamond alternative.


          We have manufactured marvelous multicolored gemstones that are embedded in the jewelry. Available in different vibrant colors and shapes, these gemstones are truly an expression of intricate work and an artist hard work.

         We have a complete range of white round stones to befit the varied choices of our clients. Well formed and alluring, our white round stones are an expression of elegance and style. Our range of white round stones are available in sizes ranging from 1.0mm to 15.0mm
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